Things men should know while looking for casual encounters

- What do women really want from men?

casual encounter

Most of people heard the same question from male: what do women want from men?Different people have different answers. We all say women are longing for happiness from love and sex! Unfortunately these answer to this one isn’t brief and clear. Women do want LOTS of things from men! To sum up, I’ll try to list women’s wish manageable. Men can expand on each thing in your mind. Hope it helpful for your casual dating.


Just be yourself. Do not start your relationship with fake words. Some users claimed that people lie about themselves:”tall blonde muscle man” and so on. Imagine what happened when these lies are discovered. Women will really open their heart to people she trusts.


Communication is very important for casual relationship. A good communication can break the ice between strangers.It consists of body gestures and words you simply said. What’s more, it means listening, looking, feeling and thinking. It doesn’t mean you talk and talk about yourself while she was sleepy. Guys should be more interested in what women said, not their bodies, at least for the first some times. And a good sense of humor is a good plus.


That a man knows what to do and go for it is extremely sexy to a woman. It’s the same in NSA relationship. It shows he has the confidence and desire to pursue her. At the same time, it doesn’t means you bother a woman who isn’t interested in you or in a happy relationship. Make some romantic tricks and be patience, she will like it.


Women like romance since childhood. They grew up with fairy tale bed-stories. They hope a man who treat them like princess. You should spend time and money on your intimate encounter, eg, compliments, flowers, candle dinner, sweet gifts and so on. All you do is to make her feel that you admire her and she is special.

Well, guys. We have girl’s wish now. What will you do next?