Why do people prefer short-term relationship?

short term relationship

Nowadays, most people decide relationship on their emotions, instead of a business-like goal-oriented attitude. Love actually serves for fulfilling emotional desire. Meeting emotional needs and desires is a very important key for love between casual encounters . Short-term or long-term both can be fulfilling relationships.

Just be yourself. Do not start your relationship with fake words. Some users claimed that people lie about themselves:”tall blonde muscle man” and so on. Imagine what happened when these lies are discovered. Women will really open their heart to people she trusts.

It’s a wise idea to judge whether a relationship can get upgraded to long term status or not, from many ways, such as how well you can trust them, and that they won't bore you in the long run, even sex drive etc. This also means that short-term relationship has long term potential. People expect the fulfillment of both emotion and physical parts. Believe that everyone deserve the best, Mr. or Miss. Right I mean. For cave men, it can cure the loneliness, for it can help feelings of low-self esteem and break people out of solitary habits.

A happy ending doesn't have to be brought by only long-term relationship. It’s common that some would like to take the friendship first route. It’s nice but a little hard. Because you will want for more, not just kiss, if you have love feeling with your casual encounters. Of course, short-term relationship should be accepted by both the love birds. If anyone prefer short-term dating, could you add on the why?